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Thursday, 25 January 2018

The Cosmic Intelligence Agency (C*I*A)

The Cosmic Intelligence Agency (C*I*A) is a network of individuals living around the world who share a vision of the world soul, the Anima Mundi. C*I*A is an investigative department of our Secret Society of Scientists (SS) in Venice.

Agents of the C*I*A are committed to raising consciousness to the universal energies, the archetypal patterns in our everyday world that can be observed in the ceaseless cyclic movements of the cosmos. 

For millennia, humans have engaged with the cosmic sphere to seek meaning and inspiration. Our relationship to the cosmos has played a major role in the evolution of consciousness and we continue to honour this connection by utilising the concept of the Anima Mundi (World Soul)  Anima Mundi is a Latin term describing the universe alive with soul and intelligence and reminds us that every part of the cosmos relates to the whole. As above so below!

The C*I*A and it’s connotations with the CIA (as in the American intelligence service founded in 1947) is in itself a paradox. For us we relate our acronym to the words to Consciousness Intention Astrology. What  the  C*I*A  symbolises to us is a global movement, a collective mind, a meme that can work effectively behind the scenes to help and heal and influence culture and collective consciousness, by those who use, heal and are guided by the astrology we know and trust. We do the work of ‘good agents’ in a world where astrology is often maligned, misunderstood and misinterpreted. Our C*I*A and its many dedicated agents wish to promote an intelligent, well-informed and inspirational attitude to astrology by enhancing and circulating this ancient and profound wisdom and share it with others.  The cosmic outlook is freely observable and available to describe, interpret and share with all, quite the opposite of the sinister antics of the CIA with their alleged need for secrecy and control in the name of protection and national and global security.  We hope that it is readily seen that there is nothing sinister or hidden in our use of the C*I*A acronym, except perhaps a gentle attempt at satire.  The C*I*A is about doing an important job, one where everyone can join in and together we can help change the world for the better.

A truly cosmic conspiracy!!

C*I*A Headquarters is manned by a few dedicated Agents and Agent 12- Julija Simas (Control) who manages the website and the evolution of this C*I*A. Other Agents contribute with editing, articles, the production of videos and quarterly reports, events and workshops. However the C*I*A have many dedicated agents living around the globe who help spread the word and who participate when they can with their own contributions and networking. See Agent Profiles.

We see ourselves as “Agents of Change – living on the edge of Chaos”.  We understand that to create the changes necessary in this world it is important to understand that reality exists at the blurry edge between order and chaos and it is here that we find the dance of energy that we know as life-spirit or Chi.  Conscious choice is forever at the boundary between the past and the future, what was and what will be, order and disorder.  Chaos awaits intelligent interaction and at the C*I*A we see astrology as a cosmic link to co-creating the future and a guide to universal wisdom. We continue to use Astrology to help us understand the field of unified physics, reshaping our understanding of ourselves in the Cosmos and its implications and applications in our lives and the world.

The C*I*A was born when Agent 12 decided to put the idea of the Cosmic Intelligence Agency into action and instead of keeping everything in her head, finally registered the C*I*A as a website name on the 23/8/2005. See chart, not an elected time.

The acronym C*I*A fitted for the kind of work and idea behind the project, which involved dedicated agents working behind the scenes on various projects and research, gathering information and various forms of cosmic investigations, global and personal.

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