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Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Past Life Regression Therapy Uncovers Evidence of Reincarnation

Could your love of sushi be proof that you were Japanese in a past life? Maybe not, but for a group of 24 Burmese children it might be. After WWII, a large group of children in Burma claimed to have been Japanese soldiers in a past life and could not tolerate the spicy Burmese cuisine; instead they craved raw fish.

This concept of reincarnation is widely held in many parts of the world, especially those areas where Hinduism and Buddhism are practiced, but not until recently has it come to be a widely accepted idea in the western world. Like other Eastern philosophies that are becoming more and more pervasive in our culture, reincarnation has become more plausible, especially in the context of past life regressions.

It’s been estimated that about a million people have accessed past life memories in one way or another. But the most common method is through a guided therapy session with a psychotherapist. During these sessions, the subject is put under hypnosis while a therapist guides them with directions and questions. Regressions can range in time periods, locations and ages, and are often cathartic, accessing memories that are somehow tied to physical afflictions or anxiety experienced in the current lifetime.

For those who haven’t had vivid memories of their past lives there are a few characteristics that might be clues to whether you may have been reincarnated. Some can be as blatant as a strange birth mark, but others are a little subtler. The following are a list of feelings, experiences, or traits that some associate with reincarnation and past lives…

1)  You have out of place memories

2)  You feel older than your age – sometimes people refer to you as an old soul

3)  You feel like you were born into the wrong decade or era

4)  You are fascinated with foreign countries and foreign language comes easier to you

5)  You have vivid dreams of being in a different place or different time period

6)  You have inexplicable fears or phobias that could be linked to past life trauma

Is it possible that we have led past lives in which memories could have transcended into this lifetime, continuing to remain in the depths of our subconscious? It seems that there is widespread evidence of this that is hard to refute or explain. Past life regression therapists and traditional psychiatrists are still at odds as to what is really being accessed when someone undertakes one of these sessions. But even some of the most astute academics and doctors have been convinced that there is some sort of phenomenon happening that can’t be easily explained. Have you ever accessed memories of a previous lifetime?

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