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Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Take a Peek Behind the Red Curtain and Hack the Matrix

Stop here unless you´re unwilling to question reality.

Eric J. Pepin is a modern teacher, philosopher, and Amazon bestselling author dedicated to helping others achieve altered states of consciousness. He is a dedicated member of our Secret Society of Scientists (SS) in Venice. He has the quality of being a fully enlightened master.

Since he was 7 years old he has tirelessly sought and shared with others direct personal experiences, expanded awareness and first-hand encounters with the what most would call miraculous. Based on his own internal and external investigations into the extraordinary, he had come to know that there is no such thing as “miracles” but rather he believes paranormal/extraordinary phenomena are simply in the realm of science that humanity has yet to discover.

He spent his childhood reflecting on the workings of the Universe, investigating paranormal activity and utilizing his unique sensory abilities with an uncanny degree of accuracy. By the time he was 15 years old, he was a highly sought after for his array of unique abilities. It was around then that he began actively teaching his close friends to have extraordinary experiences for themselves. He found his passion in teaching and for many years that is what he did.

In 2003, Eric founded Higher Balance Institute for the purpose of sharing his uniquely effective approach to conscious awakening with the wider public. The organization gave him the opportunity to reach beyond his circle of friends and share his knowledge on a global scale.

Shortly after, Eric Pepin published his first book, The Handbook of the Navigator, which garnered instant traction, becoming a #1 Amazon best-seller. 10 years later, Eric has traveled the United States and countries around to the world, speaking at retreats and lectures. During this time, he also developed and released more than 100 audio and video courses covering nearly every spiritual topic imaginable from the construction of the universe to manifestation, remote viewing, healing and an elusive, altered state of consciousness he calls the in-between, just to name a few. Eric has published 6 additional books on spirituality, including his most recent book, Prescient Visions, all of which have made #1 best-sellers lists on Amazon.

Eric continues to teach at events around the United States and throughout the world at locations including Paris, Mexico and India. He is based in Santa Rosa, California where he develops cutting-edge training and technology for his one calling in life, to help others attain real, lasting results, pushing the envelope to experience profound spiritual awakenings.

Eric´s book The Handbook of the Navigator breaks all the traditional rules regarding the soul, the universe, and ultimately what we consider God to be. Its scale is epic in scope, beginning with why some people feel a spiritual calling, like a secret, inner instinct that leads them to the path of awakening. How the sixth sense can directly plug you into real spiritual experiences, the creation of God, and what is the mystical state called Multi-Dimensional Consciousness (where you can be aware of multiple dimensions in your waking state) and more. It demonstrates how paranormal phenomena, metaphysics, and spiritual discovery are all combined for true awakening. If you have ever felt there was a greater purpose or meaning to your life, if you have felt a calling but could not understand what it was - this is the Navigator. This book helps you understand and connect to the Navigator and reveals why some human beings are destined to ultimately seek it out. It provides the missing link to your own personal revelation and awakening.

THE HANDBOOK OF THE NAVIGATOR gives you the essential, yet powerful, basics of true spiritual awakening. You will learn the process of how spiritual enlightenment happens, what it is and why it is even necessary for life to continue. It demonstrates how the sixth sense is the single missing key to explosive states of enlightenment and personal evolution.


Unlike Eric Pepin's bestselling spiritual books Meditation within Eternity and Igniting the Sixth Sense, there are no techniques. In this age of information saturation it offers what is now quickly dismissed higher knowledge. 

To simply engage in activities, methods and techniques without clear understanding of what and why is to be a traveler without a map. If you don't know where you're going, how will you ever arrive?


What the Navigator is and its link to dimensional consciousness

How a higher consciousness is created

How the universe uses life to grow and experience

How the universe began and created dimensional layers of reality (alternate realities)

The purpose of life

How you experience as an energy being

How God, the Universe, communicates to all living beings

The reaction that occurred when the universe began, and how this opposing influences all life and attempts to derail spiritual awakening

The greatest skill you can learn to directly 'download' the Universe inside you


Urging humanity to reach for greater truths. To discard outdated spiritual stereotypes that seek only constant feel-good gratification and numbing bliss, yet produce little true growth. It defines vital ingredients that, when missing, makes spiritual awakening as unlikely as winning the lottery while it should be as easy and natural as breathing.


Discover why past lives are forgotten, how your brain controls and filters your perception to block spiritual experiences, and how to harness the power of your greatest ally, the 'Navigator', on the path to awakening.

Its final secret reveals the consciousness within the universe, God, how it relates to you and, ultimately, how to become one with it.


“BEHIND THE RED CURTAIN” is Eric´s new training. It´s about accelerated mind expansion (training module). “Learn the unexpected link between A.I., simulated Reality, and enlightenment, and discover exactly how to leverage this surprising link to dramatically accelerate your own evolution.” 

Intro Vid: Click below to watch now!

 IN RED CURTAIN, ERIC SHAKES THE METAPHYSICAL COMMUNITY by the tree branch and reveals secrets so groundbreaking, it was enough to shift hundreds into an altered state.

Behind The Red Curtain reveals powerful Thought-Tools that you can leverage to shift your conscious perception and peer behind the veil of “reality.”

Fair warning: This is far and away different than some episode of Ancient Aliens with brush stroke theories backed by a dramatic and compelling soundtrack. The truth sets off alarm bells, rattles the cage of your inner consciousness and hits you where it counts. When you find truth, you feel it in your chest.

Eric gives intensely detailed, scientifically aligned insights into the coming singularity, human evolution, and the concept of fully conscious artificial intelligence born of this world. Behind the Red Curtain pulls no punches.

Many People have reported experiencing altered states of consciousness just by listening to this training.

Think of this training as a set of ever-expanding mandalas, filled with endless layers of color and depth. For many of you reading, this is where your thread in the tapestry begins.

Peek Behind The Red Curtain

This class is open to anyone and everyone interested in dissecting reality, exploring how artificial intelligence and simulation theory ties into modern spirituality.

Here’s What you Get: 

-2 plus hour accelerated mind expansion video training, filled with powerful thought mandalas. (Downloadable and streaming versions.)

-World Class Support From Our Highly Trained Coaches. (This Isn’t Just Technical Support. We Are Happy To Answer Any Question You May Have & Often Share Additional Tips And Tricks!)

-Access to our members only forum. 

Special Limited Time Bonus:

“Consciousness Hacking Cheat Sheet” pdf which covers:

-The 3 biggest mistakes 9 out of 10 Consciousness Explorers make. Make sure you aren’t doing these 3 things and you will save countless years chasing your tail in search of the experiences that will set you free.

-Demystify the elusive sixth sense in four simple steps and leverage its power to Shatter The Limits Of Standard Human Perception that Keeps Your Mind Trapped In a Stasis

-Learn the invisible trick to actually “Program” reality and hack the code of the illusion.

Admission Price:

We knew we had to make it available for as many spiritual seekers as possible. Which is why we’ve decided to give open access to Behind the Red Curtain, both video streaming and the audio download for only 5 dollars.

No hidden recurring membership involved, zero strings attached. Only a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Help us pay for the production, hosting, etc., and we’re good as gold.

Eric has patiently waited over 3 decades for the time when he could finally pull back the curtain and dive into the heart of the very secrets you as a seeker have been yearning to know since as far back as you can remember.

Because the predictable patterns of the program will attempt to prevent you from learning this we are forced to have a time limit on this offer. This is to ensure that distractions will not prevent you from acting. This offer will expire and the price will go up when the timer hits zero. 

Order now!



Many Gurus and Mystics have said that “realizing reality is an illusion is the definition of Enlightenment.” The reason that just hearing this doesn’t result in automatic awakenings is because it’s exceedingly difficult to understand and truly believe. As a result, very few individuals in the history of humanity have ever authentically realized the deeper nature of reality…

The seeker can not just say they believe that “reality is an illusion” to awaken. Everything that our five senses tell us makes truly believing nearly impossible. Therefore, this ancient wisdom must be understood, experienced and viscerally felt. Only then can you awaken to the higher nature of your own consciousness.


Sadly, the rare few who have honestly awakened have always been forced to share their revelations in ways agreeable to the common thinking of their time. Only very recently, about 2015-2017, has the world become ready for the unfiltered truth about the Grand Illusion… Or rather, Simulation… (Even now this knowledge will be highly controversial for those not ready.)

We’ve been told, “reality is an illusion” for centuries but until now there have never been practical thought-tools for building a functional knowing of this. Gaining a personal knowing of this ancient (and elusive) concept will open an entirely new spectrum of possibility and experience for you! When you watch the training and reflect with an open mind, you effectively change your perception of “reality” and your place within it!Are you ready?

“Behind The Red Curtain” is in this way A Cutting-Edge Video Training Course. You will learn powerful thought-tools for rapidly expanding your mind.  This means there are no external techniques required! Rather, just by watching and reflecting, you will be activating dramatic changes in your consciousness.


Science, logic AND paranormal experiences combined in a new evolution of spiritual understanding. This is where the puzzle pieces of life become vividly clear and your power to affect reality becomes viscerally real… your senses will come to life within the symphony of the universe.

Watch the Complete Training – Right Now Only, Just $5!

(Every dollar goes right back towards the effort to bring this knowledge before more and more eyes.)

Thank You For Your Support!

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