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Saturday, 16 September 2017

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is developing mind control programs

It’s becoming increasingly inevitable – the singularity, our posthuman, cyborg destiny. And the next jump will be an interface in the form of a 4-mm. thick chip implanted in your brain, commanding neural networks on how the body should feel, react and heal, both voluntarily and involuntarily. If this sounds reminiscent of any number of sci-fi films, you can take ease (read: unease) in knowing that DARPA, the military’s experimental, tech-research branch, is spearheading a program under Obama’s 2014 Brain Initiative to develop this technology.

The DARPA Brain Initiative is ostensibly benevolent and meant to have wide-reaching applications in the medical world, helping civilians and veterans recover from traumatic mental health issues and physical injuries. These neural interfaces could allow prosthetics to have as much feeling as an actual limb, or tell your body when to release antibodies to fight infection faster than it normally would.

Aside from an array of unforeseen horrors that could potentially result from artificially rewiring one’s brain, the possibility of the military having ulterior motives is unsettling.  With DARPA, it’s possible that the most enticing goal would be to create the ultimate warrior, an advanced superhuman cyborg, both physically and mentally superior to the unadulterated human. And some of these programs seem to hint at just that. The following five programs will give you an idea of what DARPA aims to achieve and the potential for a positive application or the dystopian horrors the military could be capable of producing.

Many of the prospects proposed by the Brain Initiative sound exciting, cutting-edge and even downright miraculous, but it’s concerning that DARPA is receiving the most funding for their development. DARPA is run by the Department of Defense and is a major perpetuator of war and destruction. DARPA’s main goal is to create advanced weapons and defense systems, so why should we believe that they are developing this technology for humanitarian reasons?


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