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Sunday, 10 September 2017

Journey to the Planet Serpo

Was Close Encounters of the Third Kind based on a true story? Steven Spielberg has said it wasn´t intended to be a science fiction film. While it sounds too bizarre to be true, the similarities of the Serpo exchange programme are uncanny.

Our secret scientist Len Kasten discloses details of the Zeta Reticuli exchange program which was an exchange program with an extraterrestrial civilization that was approved by the U.S. government in 1964. One year later, twelve military personnel departed on what was to be a ten year mission to the planet Serpo.

Serpo is a planet of the binary star system ζ Reticuli, 39 light years from Earth. It is slightly smaller than Earth but has a human-breathable atmosphere. It is populated by an extraterrestrial race known as Ebens, who mostly live in rather simple villages. The total population is 650,000. Ebens are short and brown. "Ebens" is a term that comes from the acronym "E.B.E." for "Extra-Terrestrial Biological Entity."

One Eben was a survivor of the 1947 flying saucer crash at Corona, New Mexico. In 1965, twelve US military astronauts set off for what was to be a ten-year mission to Serpo in a spacecraft that was reverse-engineered from the Corona saucer and used anti-matter as its energy source. The journey took ten months, at 40 times the speed of light.

Two of the astronauts died on Serpo or en route to Serpo, in part due to the intense radiation on the planet. Two others never returned and are alleged to be still living The Good Life on Serpo. The mission of the remaining eight (seven men and one woman) was extended and they returned to Earth in 1978. They were held incommunicado for debriefing until 1984. All of them have since died.

Steven Spielberg may have been aware of this story, and tailored his 1977 award-winning movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind after the details. One will note the 12 people trained and ready to board the UFO at the end, in an exchange program; 10 men, 2 women, just like in the original story. One now has to wonder how Spielberg found out about it. In an interview one year after the release, he speaks of NASA writing him a 20-page letter asking him not to make this movie, and his response "I knew something must be happening".

It was our Secret Society of Scientists (SS) in Venice, Italy, who was feeding him the story NASA did not want released in public media. That´s one of our purposes.

Lucifer: Watch and learn.

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