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Sunday, 10 September 2017

Did Yesterday Even Happen?

Can you prove to me you even existed before you woke up this morning?

What if it is all in your mind?

The only thing you are really experiencing is here right now.

What if all the thoughts you have in your head of the past are just thoughts?

Is there anything you can really do to show that you actually existed yesterday?

Sure you can show something you did yesterday.  Perhaps you can find left over food that you know you ate yesterday.  That proves that you existed yesterday doesn’t  it? Somebody had to eat that food and you remember eating it.

But what if that food is nothing more than a creation in your mind?

What if your thought of eating it is only a thought in your mind?

What if everything you see around you is your mind creating your experience?

Like an actor in a play you are going to find props that draw you into the illusion of the reality of the play.

Albert Einstein once said, “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”

What about others?  What about those you met with or spoke with yesterday.  Surely they will remember talking to you yesterday.

Of course they will.  But that doesn’t prove there was actually a yesterday for either of you.

Perhaps you a sharing a conscious reality or maybe they are just a creation in your reality.  So of course they are going to agree with your creation, agree with your past.

Perhaps they are no more than actors in your play.

Now that’s just crazy isn’t it. 

Your family and friends, the people you can remember having so many incredible, meaningful, experiences with are just a figment of your imagination?  

There is no way.

But let’s not stop there.

Perhaps when you go to sleep.  Perhaps you may once again wake up to the next day of this reality you have created.  Or perhaps you may wake up to a completely new reality, with its ready-made past and experiences.

Maybe it’s like we are playing a really advanced video game. When you play the game you enter into it with its already made story line and characters.  If the character in the video was conscious he we believe his world to be real, that the story of the video game was the story of his past.

Just like playing a video game at any time we can choose to stop. We can choose to play a new game, or play the same game later, or choose to play nothing at all. 

Is this what I really believe?

Or an even better question to ask is...

What would be the purpose behind reality being like that?

Keep reading and find out.

What is your backstory?

What if your backstory was just that and nothing more?  

What if everything in your past was just creation in your mind for you to experience now?

What if tomorrow you might wake up to a whole new life a with a whole new story?

Your past and future today wouldn’t really matter that much. 

How empowering would that be if your past is just setting up the backdrop for what you need to learn in this experience and you can leave this experience anytime you want?

If you knew that for a fact would that change how you live today?

Would you accept the craziness that you are putting up with now or would you go with reckless abandon and make sure you got what you wanted out of this life?

You are probably spending today like you are going to be here tomorrow.  There is no guarantee that you are going to be here tomorrow.  This may be your last day in this life. Why not take advantage of this day?

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